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Why Lorenz Härtl As A Real Estate Purchasing Consultant?

If you want to buy or sell luxury real estate, you should also focus on the highest quality when it comes to consulting and marketing. At Lorenz Härtl, you can expect professional real estate purchasing advice specially tailored to wealthy clients and large-volume real estate projects. Convince yourself:

Professional competence: As a real estate economist with a degree in economics and psychology, Lorenz Härtl has the right expertise to provide you with professional advice. Thanks to his ongoing training and continuing education, you will always receive up-to-date and innovative services and information.

Experience: Lorenz Härtl has many years of experience in the real estate industry, including international experience – with a transaction volume of more than 120 million euros in sales (residential) and more than 50,000 sqm in rentals (residential and commercial).

Strong values: Close to home, down-to-earth, innovative, competent and royal – these values characterize Härtl Real Estate. By combining proven traditional forms of marketing with innovative procedures, it offers its clientele a unique range of services in all aspects of real estate brokerage in Munich and the surrounding area. What makes Härtl Real Estate so special is its specialization in luxury real estate and in advising wealthy families with large real estate assets.

High market knowledge: Due to the extensive network in Upper Bavaria, Lorenz Härtl offers a high market knowledge and market penetration in the districts of Starnberg, Weilheim-Schongau, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, the district of Munich and Landsberg am Lech. These are the best prerequisites for you with regard to your real estate project.

Time saving: Whether you want to sell high-priced residential properties or buy luxury real estate yourself: Lorenz Härtl takes care of all potential difficulties and challenges during the transaction. As a result, you as a customer save valuable time when buying or selling your property and can devote your attention to other issues.

Transparency: Specialized in Upper Bavaria, Lorenz Härtl knows the market and offers a high level of transparency in the otherwise intransparent real estate market through regular reporting to his clientele.

Psychological skills: Particularly when dealing with real estate worth millions, a steady hand, strong nerves as well as psychological skills and knowledge of human nature are required. This is the only way to successfully manage high-priced transactions, as these properties in particular are often hardly liquid. Sometimes there is only one party interested in buying – but especially when the pressure to sell is high, the right communication is the key. Unfavorable strategies and procedures can cost hundreds of thousands of euros.

Passion: Lorenz Härtl lives the real estate business and loves his work as an agent. He operates the real estate brokerage in the Munich region out of passion and conviction – and this is also felt by his clientele. For this reason, Lorenz Härtl likes to go the extra mile, thereby providing the last percent more performance that sometimes makes the difference to success.

Above-average service: At Härtl Real Estate, you get service far beyond the standard brokerage services. Are you planning to buy luxury homes? Have a precise requirements profile drawn up, choose from exclusive off-market offers or conveniently take part in viewings online. Are you interested in selling? Härtl Real Estate will create high-quality marketing documents for you and market your property transparently on the right channels using modern technology such as drone photography. Would you like to take advantage of a real estate consulting service? Let us analyze the current state of your property(ies) with regard to commercial, technical, tax and legal aspects and benefit from recommendations for action to implement the right measures.


Why Sell Now?

Realized purchase prices in the region have never been as high as they are today. The price increases of the last decade are enormous. However, some experts expect price reductions in the future: The reasons are on the one hand the economic consequences of the Corona crisis and on the other hand the demographic development and consequently reduced demand for housing. The real estate market is a cyclical market that has always been characterized by price fluctuations. The majority of today’s real estate buyers probably only know the upward trend – but that was not always the case (see the 1990s). Against this background, today is a good time to sell real estate or, if necessary, to restructure the portfolio in favor of direct company shares or stocks. Increase the chances of success of your real estate brokerage in Munich with a professional purchase consultation.

Why Seek Advice Now?

In very few transactions does real estate consulting take place at all. Many real estate owners do not seek professional advice because they trust their own research or have already purchased a property. A potentially expensive course of action, because: Real estate management is a separate, albeit young, field of study, and should be understood as a cross-sectional discipline of business administration, law, finance and taxation, among others. Since real estate usually involves substantial assets, open-ended real estate management advice is essential for avoiding costly mistakes and assessing risks. In addition, real estate in Germany is traditionally highly emotional (the home as a place of retreat). Against this background, a clear objective view of the matter is also helpful.

How Do I Sell A Property/Apartment/House?

In Germany, the sale of a property requires notarization. You can either look for a buyer yourself or have a broker do it for you. It is also advisable to consult a locally informed and experienced real estate agent in order to determine the best possible offer price for you.

How Do I Build Up Real Estate Wealth / How Do I Get Rich With Real Estate?

There are several ways to build wealth with real estate. On the one hand, there are professions to choose from that allow you to participate in the real estate market, such as project developer:in, real estate agent:in, notary:in or tax consultant:in. On the other hand, real estate can be acquired, traded and developed in order to generate profits through the increase in value and the ongoing cash flow from rental payments. But aimlessly buying luxury homes involves unnecessarily high costs and is therefore unprofitable. To make the real estate investment worthwhile, you need to know and acquire a lot of knowledge and experience in advance.

How To Calculate The Value Of A Property?

There are different methods to determine the market value of a property. In Germany, the valuation is often based on the Real Estate Valuation Ordinance (ImmoWertV), which stipulates the asset value, comparative value and capitalized earnings value methods as common procedures. Internationally, leased properties are often valued using the discounted cash flow method.

What Is The Market Value Of A Property?

According to §194 BauGB, the market value (by legal definition a synonym for the fair market value) is “determined by the price that could be obtained in the ordinary course of business […] without regard to unusual or personal circumstances at the time to which the determination relates.”

What Is The Difference Between Market Value And Price?

The purchase price of a property is the result of an individual purchase case and may or may not be the same as the market value.

What Is The Leverage Effect?

The leverage effect defines the relationship between equity, debt and total return. The additional use of debt capital only increases the return on equity if the interest rate on debt capital is lower than the total return.

How Can The Selling Price Of A Property Be Increased?

A longer marketing period (less pressure to sell), a comprehensible valuation and a professional preparation and management of the marketing increase the probability of achieving the maximum sales price of a property.

Why Are Broker Commissions So High When Buying And Selling Real Estate?

Economically, the real estate market is considered to be relatively intransparent. Real estate agents create more transparency through their work, which can be associated with high transaction costs.

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